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7 Delicious And Healthy Pizza Recipes You Must Try

I mean, come on! Who isn't a pizza fan AND concerned about gaining weight? So, to solve the troubles you face for your favourite food, we have searched for 7 such pizza recipes that are healthy and will blow your mind. These are the best pizzas you can ever eat, super healthy, and can be made at home. 

Go For these delicious pizza recipes and enjoy!

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1. Healthiest Pizza Boats

The best thing about them is that they are Crust-free i.e. the toppings are on Zucchini and they taste marvelous.

2. Artichokes & Spinach Pizzas

Don't you simply love Artichokes on everything? Well, imagine it on pizzas!

3. Quinoa Bites Inspired by Pizzas

This is a complete high protein and low carb snack which is lip smacking when served with a spicy dip.

4. Sweet potato crust

Prepare the crust with crisp sweet potatoes instead of flour and load them up with veggies.

5. Kale Crust

Keep on experimenting with the crust, Kale for example because it is the crust that can change your pizza from junk to healthy.

6. Mushroom Portabello

Now, use mushrooms instead of the flour crust. They taste delicious.

7. Pesto Pizza

Use Pesto, as it hear broccoli and give your pizza an amazingly healthy and mouth smacking twist.

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