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Those nutty fast food workers. One moment they’re delivering robotic customer service, and the next they’re hawking spit in your lime Slurpee. Gross, right? Thing is, if caught on film or camera, the awful actions of these bad employees are a viral goldmine. For some reason, folks just love to watch dumb kids in fast food uniforms doing really gross stuff as they compete for the worst people on the planet awards.

Let’s just admit it. Most fast food is disgusting food anyway – well, at least in the nutritional sense. When you combine low pay with low skills, it kind of makes sense that occasionally there’s gonna be a disgusting soul working among workers. Take a look at the grossest fast food employee moments.

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1. Taco Bell

Hard to figure out which is more disgusting: peeing on food and tweeting a picture of it or bragging about the fact that there's literally nothing that can be done to you for peeing on the food and posting a photo of it on Twitter. 


Also last month, Wendy's employee was shown in a photo guzzling Frosty ice cream directly from the machine. This came around the time Wendy's was promoting its new waffle cones.

3. Subway

Most recently, two Subway employees were let go after numerous Instagram photos surfaced that showed the "sandwich artists" defiling food and freezing pee at the restaurant. The above employee said he put his genitals on a loaf of sandwich bread, but added that he did it at home and not at Subway.

4. KFC

This KFC employee was photographed licking a mound of mashed potatoes at the restaurant.

5. Burger King 

This anonymously posted photo of a Burger King employee standing on two trays of lettuce apparently was a team effort. They even posted a caption with it: "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King."

6. Tacos and Bare feet 

Employee, Melina Halvorsen was fired after a customer caught her fixing herself food in the kitchen. The reason is she was sweaty, barefoot, and was pretty much all around unsanitary.

7. Fart Cheese 

Two idiotic and disgusting Domino's employees recorded themselves farting on sandwiches, putting cheese up their noses and posting it on social media. Gross!

8. Smoking and talking a bath together.

This employee was fired as he uploaded a video of himself taking a bath in the restaurant's kitchen sink and smoking as well. 

9. Taco shells again.

Last month, another Taco Bell employee was fired after the above photo was posted to the company's Facebook page. The picture was apparently snapped during an employee training session and the taco shells were not meant for customers.

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