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People hardly refuse a plate of good food. The flavors and colors that make way into a palate and make everybody drool. But there are some foods that are synonymous with our cuisine, which is not exactly the case with them.

So, with our food patriotism in for a shock, let's have a look at such great foods!

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1. Tea (Chai)

This Indian staple drink had its roots in China, before the British came and taught us to cultivate this omnipresent beverage of the nation!

2. "Sambosa" to Samosa

This triangle of heaven filled the bellies of people in the Middle East, before reaching India between the 13th and 14th centuries. 


The epitome of softness. This leavened bread is a core food item of the Persian cuisine with its roots stuck deeply in Iran. It takes guts to refuse a naan with Butter Chicken, if you relate to food like I do!


5. Rajma

These kidney beans played host to Mexico and provinces of Guatemala before they became the ultimate ambassadors of the North Indian cuisine.

4. Gulaab Jamuns

These small sugary devils filled the bellies of people from the Mediterranean before they reached our country. We did modify it, though, if credit is a word.

6. Vindaloo

This succulent meat curry from Goa is the cuisine messenger from Portugal. Though the actual dish is made from wine, pork and garlic, the dish is more appropriately and adaptation.

7. Jalebi

These lickable swirls of heaven belong to the Middle East with variations across the Asian regions. Indians loved it way later.

8. Butter chicken

This GAWDLY dish was first cooked up in Glasgow in the year 1971, when a customer complained of his chicken being a bit too dry. Kudos to the said customer.

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