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Being a food lover, I hate throwing food, but I have to do so at times as when you don't keep the food properly, it either gets rotten too quickly or will start smelling due to a poor storage facility.

This wastes not only your money but is also an apparent wastage of food. Luckily, you don't have to worry any anymore; we have some incredible kitchen tips that will help you save your money and preserve your superfluous food from being spoiled.

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1. Clean berries 

To prevent berries from molding and pesticides, wash them with vinegar and then dry them out

2. Lasting eggs

Keeps your eggs fresh for longer duration by rubbing vegetable oil on it.

3. Mayo Jar

Don't throw your mayo jar when your mayo is almost going to end, add some herbs, oils and vinegar and mix it well. You will get instant cream for your salad dressing. 

4. Reuse cheese wrappers

You can reuse the wrapper to store the remaning cheese.

5. Cake storage

Save your leftover cake from getting hard and stale. Just secure the "cut" area by placing bread slice using toothpicks.

6. Ginger root peel

With the help of spoon, smooth off the lumps on ginger root. This helps in keeping ginger fresh for long.

7. Potato storage

Store potato with apples as it helps potato from sprouting with the release of ethylene gas  from 

8. Lemon Juice

When you prepare a recipe which needs lemons juice, what you do is, you cut the required amount and put it in the fridge or any cool place. Unfortunately, the remaining part doesn't live fresh for long as it starts to spoil within two or three days. To preserve lemon, you can simply make holes on the skin of citron with a toothpick and squeeze the amount of juice you need in your recipe. Cover the holes with a tape and keep in the fridge for the later use.

9. Garlic and Onion 

Put onions and garlic in brown paper packets with holes; this will keep them fresh for more than two months.

10. Avocados storage

Keep an onion with avocados to save it from getting brown. The sulfur present in onion works like a magic for avocados. Also, a little sprinkle of apple cider vinegar works same.

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