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Delicious Diwali Delicacies From Different Indian States For Greedy Food Lovers

Diwali, the festival of lights is softly tiptoeing towards us. New clothes and loads of gifts are slowly filling up our house. This is one of the biggest festivals that is celebrated all across India with the same level of zeal. It is the ceremony that brings people closer and spread the message of happiness. There are many things that especially make up the festival of light and one among them is the sweets.

The togetherness of the festival is seen in the ritual of serving the sweets and the diversity is observed in the varieties. So, let us take you on a trip of guilty pleasures with a different form of sweets served across India in the beautiful festival of Diwali.

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Made from ghee, sugar, and gram flour these Besan Ladoos will melt in your mouth and touch your soul.

West Bengal

Rasgullas are yummy, juicy, and spongy that take you to a new heaven of sweetness.


The carrot gets a twist in this delicious Gajar Ka Halwa.

Uttar Pradesh

Remember the advertisement by the cooking oil company in which the young boy goes "Jalebi!!!" Well, this is the same delicacy for you from the land of UP.


Basundi is milk in a highly condensed form that is topped with rich dry fruits. Did we see your mouth getting watery?

Tamil Nadu

Coconut barfi is such a Diwali snacks which keep pulling you towards it again and again.


PuranPoli can be said an Indian version of pancake but with a delicious stuffing of jaggery and coconut.


Prepared with besan and ghee, Ghevar is the delicacy you need to try at least once in your life.


Dried dough soaked in sugar syrup is known as Khaja. The literal meaning of this sweet dish is to grab and eat.

Do you have more dish to add belonging from your state? Don't hold back from taking us in a tasty trip.

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