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10 Types Of Teas That Are Basically Ecstasy For Tea Lovers

"Life is like tea, it's all in how you make a cup."

True, just like the variety of life never fails to amaze us, the types of teas available worldwide also comes as pure bliss.

While some can't even think of putting milk in tea, others enjoy the very same element embraced with the flavor of the tea. The debate among the tea lovers is never-ending.

However, we believe in making love, not war. Hence we present you with 10 types of tea from all over the world. Enjoy!

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1. Matcha

Traditionally, used in Japanese ceremonies, this finely powdered green tea leaves are of very high quality.

2. Kahwa 

Hailing from the land of Kashmir, India, the base ingredient is green tea. It is prepared by boiling green tea with cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, and then it is served with honey. It is often garnished with dried walnuts, cashew, or almond.

3. Gur gur Chai

This drink is popular among people of Nepal in Himalayan region. Traditionally, it is prepared by teaming up tea leaves, water, yak butter, and salt. Presently in many parts, cow milk butter is also used.

4. English Breakfast Tea

This tea type is taken with milk and sugar. As the name suggests, it was consumed during breakfast.

5. Cay Tea

This is a black tea taken with or without sugar that is served with every meal.

6. Maghrebi Mint Tea

This green tea is prepared with spearmint leaves. Popular in Northwest African countries, this tea is also served with ice during summer.

7. Pantyhose Tea

This is the tea which is originated in Hong-Kong. Tea lovers will just fall in love with this one. It will explode your taste buds and for all the right reasons. 

8. Bubble Tea

With roots in Taiwan, this tea has spread its popularity in the entire world. It is served cold or hot over tapioca pearls. The pearls are specially cooked using sugar syrup.

9. Jasmine Tea

Scented with the aroma of jasmine blossom this tea will surely win anyone's heart. The main base is green tea, but at times that is replaced with black or white tea.

10. Yerba Mate

Packed with vitamins, this green tea is very popular in South America. It carries a very distinct smoky flavor.

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