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What Does Your Buds Feel: A Brief Look At Different Types Of Taste

How many times have you praised the taste of the food and felt a total bliss as it touched your tongue? Countless times would be our guess.
Have you ever wondered how we feel the taste? The thanks should really be extended to our taste buds, nose, and of course brain. 

From mouthwatering foods to the dishes you totally distaste exists because we can differentiate between distinctive flavors.
Excited to know how? Read on!

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What are taste buds?

The little bumps on your tongue are the reason you can feel the bliss of having delicious foods. They are the ones that allow you to experience a wide variety of tastes. An average person has about 10,000 taste buds that get replaced after every 2 weeks. As you grow older, the number of active buds decreases.

How do they work?

During chewing, the food releases certain chemicals. They travel into your nose triggering some receptors. The receptors along with the taste buds work together to bring out the true flavor of the food that is going inside your mouth.

Here are they...

1. Saltiness

When a food contains sodium chloride you get the taste of saltiness.

2. Sweetness

There are two different receptors for sugar in our brain that gets activated through our taste buds.

3. Sourness

Any acidic food that enters our mouth gives the taste of sourness. They cause our taste bud to react in a certain way that generates this taste.

4. Bitterness

Though many find this taste unpleasant but still it is one of the main ones that we detect through our taste buds. The distaste is a result of evolution as earlier people used to perceive bitter things as poisonous.

5. Savoriness (Umami)

Delicious flavor is the best way to describe this taste. There are specific buds that only respond to this flavor.

Got a favorite one?

Are you a salty food lover or like to indulge in sweet? Tell us in the comment below.

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