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16 Mouthwatering Gujarati Dishes Which Will Make You Hungry Instantly

Gujarat is famous for their homemade cuisines. If you get a chance to visit Gujarat you must try these delicious dishes.

Have a look to our list and let me know which one is your favourite. 

Trust me, you must try all of them if you love to eat.

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1. Methi muthia

2. Dhokla

3. Handva

4. Gathiya

5. Khandvi

6. Patra/alu vadi

7. Bajra Vada

8. Methi Thepla

9. Dal Dhokli

10. Kadhi

11. Khatta Moong

12. Bharela Bhinda

13. Undhiyu

14. Atta ka sheera

15. Basundi

16. Golpapdi

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