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Do you ever have a pizza? You must be thinking that it's an idiotic question. Right? Well babes, calm down.

You must have eaten pizzas at Dominos, Pizza Hut and various other pizza joints. Get ready for an incredible ride as I am going to show you some of the weirdest pizzas that you have never thought of and the mouthwatering is complimentary from my side.

Happiness overloaded, enjoy!

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Well, never imagined a pizza like this!

1) Penis Pizza

Penis behind the ass. OOPS, I didn't mean that. I'm certainly not going to have this one. Are you?

2) Pizza Cones

Having ice-cream in a cone is too main stream. I'll have pizza in a cone .

3) Lollipop pizza

These are the only lollipops you don't really need to suck.

4) Big Ass Pizza

Big Ass Pizza which is just large in size. Please don't go on the name, you don't need to eat this with your ass.

5) Pacman Pizza

Yo Pacman shaped pizza.

6) Tater Tot Pizza

This is one of my favorite.

7) Tiny Pizza

Just like a light snack.

8) Multi-Level Pizza

Pizza rolls on small Bites on mini pizza on a pizza. Happiness overloaded.

9) Mac'n Cheese Pizza

That's Yummy!

10) Pizza Burger Sandwich

Burger sandwiched between pizza.

11) Zucchini Pizza

Tastier zucchini.

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